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There have been many times I have been stuck on a problem or not sure what direction I need to take with a current project.  These are the times that I need to dig deep and figure out what is standing in my way.  Why am I stuck or not sure?  I think we all feel this way sometimes.  We are overwhelmed with everything around us.  I found that this is the time I need to take a quick meditation break.

  1. I sit comfortably.
  2. Close my eyes.
  3. I make no effort to control the breath; I simply breathe naturally.
  4. I focus my attention on the breath and on how my body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.  I make no effort to control my breath.  If my mind wanders, I simply return your focus back to my breath.

I maintain this meditation practice for 2–3 minutes.  If you have the time you may go longer.

I have found when I do this, my subconscious mind seems to be able to relax enough to figure  out my problem or calm myself to handle any pressure being thrown my way.  What do you do to get you through those times when you are stressed and can not seem to focus?

Successful vs Unsucessful People


As we start the new year, let’s begin to open ourselves to all possibilities for 2015. I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. This year my company will transform and help others to transform as well. We all look to be successful in everything we do. I saw an article on LinkedIn the other day and it made me think of how important our behaviors are to our success. Following are traits of a successful person vs an unsuccessful person. Make this a year of success!

Successful People…
Compliment Others
Forgive Others
Keep a Journal
Accept Responsibility for your failures
Want others to succeed
Keep a ‘to-be’ list
Set goals and develop life plans
Continuously learn
Operate from a transformational perspective
Keep a ‘to-do/project’ list
Embrace Change
Exude Joy
Share Information and Data
Talk about Ideas
Read Everyday
Give other people credit for their victories
Have a sense of gratitude

Unsuccessful People…
Criticize others
Hold a grudge
Blame others for their failures
Say they keep a journal but really don’t
Think they know it all
Operate from a transactional perspective
Secretly hope others fail
Don’t know what they want to be
Never set goals
Exude anger
Horde information and data
Talk about people
Fly by the seat of their pants
Fear change
Watch TV everyday
Take all of the credit for their victories
Have a sense of entitlement

Be as successful as you can be in 2015 and enjoy the transformation., Inc. designs custom workshops on success and developing Heart-Centered workplace skills.