We have several workshops for our Heart Centered Workplace Skills. We have full day, half day and other options available. Please contact us for additional information.

Jean Ann Buending of, Inc. delivers a heartwarming workshop or event speech that helps the participants discover the principles at the heart of success. With over 30 years in corporate training, her speeches and workshops inspire students, employees, and executives to discover their passions and how to life a more purposeful life.

Following are some of the topics that may be covered :

  • Identify skills necessary for taking 100% responsibility for your life in school, the workplace and in your personal life.
  • Provide activities to help you to understand why you are here and help you decide what you want.
  • Experience the thrill of believing anything is possible and to believe in yourself.
  • Discover the power and process of goal setting to take you to the next level.
  • Experience your fear and take action anyway
  • Commit to constant and never-ending improvement
  • Develop a positive money consciousness
  • Transform your inner critic into an inner coach
  • Fuel your success with passion and enthusiasm
  • Practice uncommon appreciation
  • Practice the rule of 5
  • Practice persistence
  • Keep your agreements
  • The power of mastermind groups
  • Embrace change
  • Tap into the benefits of meditation
  • Use feedback to your advantage
  • Give more to get more
  • Discovering your passions through a unique and simple approach

Jean Ann works with her clients to determine their needs and what will best serve the audience. Contact her to customize your workshop or event.

Contact her at : 630-254-8726,